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(august 31 1999)

awww yeah. last week i played mario party again, and i came in SECOND!!!! my highest finish ever! you see, as much as i adore video games, i really REALLY suck at them. haw. second to me is like first, only realistic. so yeah, rockin'. "we're gonna be havin' a ROCKIN' good time because we're gonna be building a rockin' chair!" haw.

i have a band now!! we're weird. we click together because we all know when we're going to change and we do bizarre things. lisa adds crazy guitar notes in places, which i like. i play bass, and danny is the rockin' drummer, and mark macintyre plays another guitar. hooray! unfortunately, once when we were jamming at mark's, i stepped in poop and tracked it into his house. that was not the greatest. i almost vomited from the smell. luckily, i didn't. :D mark had to clean up the poop, it would have been worse if vomit were added to the equation. i had to leave. we went to abc takeout where i got a poutine and finished it for the first time in a long time. (i always have 3 fries remaining as they get cold and soggy.) i brought lisa's keyboard so we would have something to listen to. \m/ troika \m/

i don't know what else to say. i don't feel awesome.

(august 19 1999)

yeah, i rarely update. what are you going to do about it? hehe. i've been immersed in pokemon for the past week or so, frantically searching for everything available on the subject and playing it in almost every minute of spare time. i spent more time playing pokemon than i did on irc, even. i came up for air to go to shows. most of my friends moved away and i have to get used to being alone, i suppose. hehe.

well yesterday bands from a long time ago reunited and played a show. i had goosebumps. also, the day before yesterday i bought a wallet made of duct tape. it's red and blue. it rules to finally have a wallet! i'm not going to miss shaking my purse aroud trying to get the loose change all into one corner while cashiers glare at me! now i get to be all smooth and whip out this gorgeous creation and get all my change out at once. ooooh yeah, it's gonna be sweet. the cashiers will marvel at my speed and my ability to produce loose change in a heartbeat. :D

on a totally unrelated note, if i knew someone named andrew, i'd call him sandshrew. nobody steal my idea!!!!

here is concrete proof that they sometimes say FRIG in archie books when they mean fridge!! some people don't believe it. it's true! so there! oh yeah, ignore the warpedness of the edge of the picture. it scanned like that because it was a book and would not scan any further, but i didn't crop it off because i think it's bizarre, and bizarre is good in this instance.

(august 8 1999)

well, today was a blast. heh. i stayed in all day except for when i went out to get some sunflower seeds. not only that, when i got to the store, they had no sunflower seeds, so i had to go to another store, and then the cashier asked me if it was still raining. i'm horrible at talking to people, it's not because i'm rude, i just find it extremely difficult.

so what did i say? i said, "well, it's not raining much, it's only little drops and th-there aren't m-many... little? drops?" then i was embarrassed because i sounded so inarticulate and dumb and i mumbled "istutteri'msorry" and smiled sheepishly and left.

i really don't know what makes me do that heh. it's so much easier to type than it is to speak. i can't stutter while typing, and i'm not faced with the horrible possibility of people looking at me. i can't take people looking at me if i'm doing something, especially if i'm playing bass. it makes me mess up. i'm glad i'm not a cashier myself, i'd have to talk to so many people. ugh. i can't even call my friends on the phone without stuttering and repeating things 34 times apiece. hehe. i'm silly.

irc quote: [Melanosis] Linn, have you played a game called somari?
that really made my day! somari is a pirate nes game that is basically sonic the hedgehog, but instead of sonic, you're mario. it's really fun, i played the rom of it on dannie's computer. i swear, i'd be a very avid collecter of nes roms if i only had a controller! anyway, he pointed me to this url. if any of my three readers (hehe) haven't tried somari, check here. he warned me that the page is slow, though.

here is a cute picture of my dog. love her!

(august 5 1999)

i just went to a show and there was a guy there who played a bucket. he also drummed on the mic stands and the floor and someone's foot. it would be sad/funny if he drummed on someone's foot and broke their toe and got sued.

driving brings out the worst in people, me especially. i always get embarrassed when someone waves to me to let me go, and i don't see and i sit there like a jackass and finally notice a decade later. my face burns bright red, because it's embarrassing. i always hope that they don't drive right behind me forever. another thing i hate is when i'm driving and people drive behind me with their brights on. HELLO! how clearly do you NEED to see the back of my car, anyway? must you see the speck of dirt on the left fender, or the tiny scratch above the license plate? and really, it's not like you can't see the road without them. and even if you can't (in which case you're probably blind and shouldn't drive anyway), FOLLOW MY TAILLIGHTS! they're easy to see, and hey, i'm not going to lead you through the woods, i swear. i wish there was a way i could shine a painfully bright light in THEIR eyes and see how jimdandy it makes them feel. another thing i hate about driving, since i'm on the subject: tailgating. driving on my ass will NOT, i repeat NOT make me speed up. in fact, i'm going to slow down, JUST TO PISS YOU OFF! i usually do the speed limit or maybe 5 km/h faster, so it's not like you're in the right to want to go faster anyway! and hey, i have nothing better to do than to tick people off (there IS nothing better to do!), so you bet your bejabbers i'm going to do it.

anyway. :D

here is my newest picture. it's weird.