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(december 18 1999)

well hi there. heh. i totally and completely forgot what i was going to say. :\ i'll keep going anyway.

i went to the mall yesterday, i can't really remember any of it for some reason. except i bought christmas presents for my mom. she's the easiest to buy for. i'm finished with her presents, now i need to get stuff for my dad and brother. i suck at buying for people who aren't my mom. hehe. yesterday in mcdonald's i ordered my usual (pizza combo with a cheese pizza instead of a pepperoni pizza) but they screwed up and put pepperoni on the pizza. :\ i really hate pepperoni. (see below) anyway, the girl who worked there asked me if i wanted anything like a flurry or something because i had to wait so long. it is the same girl who had to give me an apple pie because the last time i was there they dropped my pizza and had to make another. the pie was great! i wanted one yesterday but they didn't have any. :( so i got a sundae instead. then i took it to lisa's and spilled it all over her floor. i'm a klutz. i wiped it up, though. but then i had to dirty her towel. never invite me to your house! i wreck things!

lisa said something funny in mcdonald's. mariah carey was on, and we were talking about how high she sings. i mean, it's not even pleasing to the ear. she just does it because, well, she can. so we started singing things in our highest squeakiest voices, and she sang "i'm just doing this because i can and you can't!" and i sang "not that you'd really want to anyway!" and then she sang "this guarantees that no one can sing along to my songs!" i laughed forever.

sometimes the phone rings while i'm listening to my mp3s and then i turn them down so i can answer it. often i forget to turn them back up and they play forever and i never notice.

i'm thinking of updating the "about me" type crap death page. it sucks hard. it will most likely suck hard even when it's changed, but hey!

my parents bought chips and dip. my breakfast was therefore not nutritious today. it was also not comforting, warm, or all that great-tasting. chips and dip are lonely food sometimes.

(december 12 1999)

meep! i haven't been writing lately due to exams/flu/laziness/nothing to write/blah de blah de blah. as if it really matters. because it doesn't. i said so.

yesterday there was a show, i was 4 hours late. but i saw bands i wanted to see, then i left and ate pizza. the pizza was greasy and pepperoni-laden. i hate pepperoni! i don't know what i have against pepperoni but it's strong. i used to eat it until one day at mcdonald's i couldn't afford a pepperoni pizza and i just got a cheese one, and i realised the pizza was a lot less greasy and a lot better-tasting. even if i pick off the pepperoni, i can still sense its presence. :\ hehe. pepperoni sux0rz.

my pants that i wear around the house have developed a small hole in the bum. it's not visible though, so i can still wear them. i don't even know why i said that, really, but i did.

i'm becoming more of a hermit daily because leaving my house invariably involves talking to people. i hate talking to people because i have no social skills whatsoever. hehe. i went to huang's last week to get egg rolls, and the waitress was making polite friendly jokes heh and i didn't know what to say so i smiled and nodded. i was terrified, though, and my smile was fake. and my fake smiles are always VERY obviously fake, so she probably thinks i'm just a snot who thinks i'm too good to talk to waitresses (which isn't true). of course in real life, she probably didn't think anything of it at all but i wouldn't be myself if i didn't beat myself up for everything i did, now would i? hehe.

it seems like every day i'm making a new "notes" page for a new month. are the months really going by this fast?? they've never felt so fast before in my life. maybe it's just that i so rarely update this page since i have no life now. :D hehe.

so i think next year i'm moving away. i'm nervous. but if i don't live here i'll have no one pressuring me to go out and do things and make friends and blah de blah. i just want things to be easy and not strained. i'll be fine, whatever i do. blahhh. i don't want to write anymore now.