...dear diary

this is from my diary when i was 10. i did not change any spelling/punctuation/capitalization... even though i usually type in small letters for some reason, i'll copy this exactly, because it's funnier that way. so there. hehe. anything i need to insert will be written in this colour.

Dear Diary March 13 1991

Guess what! We wrecked Neal and Darryl's snow fort. Good enough for them! They each sent their little sisters (I'm shaking) to wreck ours. They wouldn't have if we hadn't gone to the store. But can you imagine, their LITTLE SISTERS! They must have threatened them. Jason Pynn (head, ha, ha!), Brian McCormick, Neal and some 6-year old I don't know, came up after me and Demetri Kostadopoulas (wow, a long name, huh?!) after Ann Marie went in to wash her hair. The best person in the group was Neal, Jason Pynn(head) is a wimp! He throws worse than me (and that's pretty bad!) and he wears NEW KIDS T-SHIRTS to school! continued

this is on the the next page...

Same date
Brian McCormick is a doofus and a he is a weirdo extraordinaire, and the 6-year old is - well, six years old. They take off if you're three meters away from them! Fill ya in tomorrow! Adios, Amigo!
P.S. They're all a bunch of chickens!

don't you ever miss finding something like that so important that you have to write a page about it and remember it forever? i sure do.