Okay, I'm finally putting my drawings on a webpage. The reason I didn't do it before now is because I'm not very good. *laughs* The reason I'm doing it now is... I'm bored. So live with it. :D

Fanart on paper:

^_^ Sasami and Ryo-Ohki.
^_^ Ryoko... eek.

Original oekaki drawings (done with mouse, and in .png format, some of these are old, from before I got the hang of oekaki):

^_^ Cinnamon, a Ruriri.
^_^ Cosmic, a catgirl.
^_^ Cosmic again.
^_^ Some crows and mountains...
^_^ Crying random girl.
^_^ An old feline friend of mine, morphed.
^_^ A self-portrait
^_^ Some rockstar girls!
^_^ A happy girl who looks too much like Lain
^_^ A girl with a crush!
^_^ Me as a Butterfree morphy...
^_^ Meowth morph.
^_^ Neopoliteon, my Eeveelution!
^_^ Planets, I like this for some reason...
^_^ Punk cat!
^_^ A weird rainbow girl.
^_^ Me, I'm not this chubby in person... heheh.
^_^ One of the rockstar girls!
^_^ Ryo-Ohki, the kitty not the cabbit!
^_^ For Davinski...
^_^ First self-portrait...
^_^ Silky Terrier, my favourite breed of dog, of course!
^_^ Soapeon *hee hee*
^_^ Strawberry cat.

Oekaki fanart (same as above... all mouse, some old and bad):

^_^ Um... remember how I said some were old and bad? Well, exhibit A. Mew in bubbles.
^_^ Butterfree icon
^_^ An old Ryo-Ohki (the cabbit, not the kitty ^_~)
^_^ Another cabbit, whee!
^_^ An excessively long Chikorita... this is pretty bad.
^_^ Eevee, butterflies, mountains. Heheh.
^_^ The only good Espeon I've ever drawn.
^_^ A pretty messy Feena from Grandia...
^_^ Jiiiigg-a-lee-puuufff...
^_^ Splitzeon's character, Kagerou, an Insecteon... I didn't make this one up, but I didn't change it myself, so I put it under fanart...
^_^ My first actual good oekaki drawing, Lain.
^_^ Meganium, on advanced oekaki, whee!
^_^ Meeeeowth!
^_^ One of my first...
^_^ Sad Pikachu.
^_^ Raichu, I like this one.
^_^ A rainbow Mew, it's not very good...
^_^ Raticate!
^_^ Red from the Pokemon manga.
^_^ How *not* to draw Sailormoon... *laughs*
^_^ Silver shiny Eevee... My Eevees never look right...
^_^ Umbreon...
^_^ And a cartoony Umbreon that everyone thinks is funny-looking.
More to come, I have lots more that aren't uploaded yet... Haha. Way too many!