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(february 9 2000)

oh man, i am so lazy. almost 2 months sans writing. well, first things were too good to write about, and then they were too bad to write about, and now they're just too nothing. and i feel hollow in my chest, when i don't feel pains in my chest. basically that's my life. heheh. today is insane, i came home from school and my parents went "we're going to halifax, okay bye!" and i went :O! they never go anywhere. so today promises to be weird. i bet i forget to eat. hehe. i love to eat, but not if i have to cook it because i can't cook anything great. i can make uh, kraft easy mac. or other things that will make me sick (like pasta or goopy rice). ugh. i haven't been feeling good lately. i won't describe what happened to me yesterday, but it was scary. my body hates me.

so uh, the light in my modem just went off and disconnected me from all, it's back on now. i think it's going off in a second. :D totally rad, dude. i LOVE getting disconnected. i don't really. i'm on irc now lagging. it doesn't matter hehe, no one i talk to is there anyway. meep. it's still annoying though!!

i'm home alone!!!! party!!!!

(party = do nothing!!!!)

i don't like when people put more than three periods in an ellipsis!
from irc:
[nickwithheldtoprotecttheguilty] i'm a lazy piece of shit.......microwave all the way
dahhh!! i am so anal. hehe. what can you do wha?

shot through the heart, and you're to blame!! dahlin you give love... to BATMAN!!! HAHAHahha.

i stop here.