this is a picture of (left to right) danielle, meggee, me, nicole, john, and jesse in jaspers. there is a strange story behind this. another table of people were staring at us, and then they made a comment about the "beautiful people" at the next table. i stared back at them just to be an idiot. anyway, one man got up from the table and asked if we mind if he takes our picture. he said that i look like his daughter who was 5,000 miles away in british columbia. the camera was a polaroid, so he took two pictures and gave us one. right before he took this picture, he yelled "someone just farted!" which explains our crazy facial expressions. we thought they were immensely weird and seriously questioned the existence of this so-called daughter, but that was a weird day. it was right after we all went to see tilted, slave 2000 and fur-packed action. also, in jaspers that day, i ordered the soup of the day and they forgot to bring it and danielle had to go up and ask. i was afraid to. thanks danielle hehe.