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(july 31 1999)

i saw d.b.s. yesterday. it was great except for the fact that i had to leave before their last song because of dumb graduated licensing. i don't see why not letting newly licensed drivers drive after midnight helps anyone in any way except to get kids home earlier. it's more like a curfew without the actual use of the word curfew. i personally find it much harder to drive at 2 in the afternoon than it is to drive late in the evening, because the fewer cars there are on the road, the easier it is. oh, how i hate to drive in downtown sydney with its crazy one way streets in every direction and multiple lanes. if i ever lived in a REALLY big city, i'd choke and faint every time i got behind the wheel.

also, today i kept seeing things that weren't there! i saw a trailer in front of me. it climbed to the top of the hill, and then dipped out of sight. i was not far behind, and when i got to the top of the hill, the trailer was gone. morgan was in the car with me and he didn't see it. it didn't have enough time to turn; it was as if it vanished into thin air.

and then on the way home, a black car was speeding beside me at a merge. it made me panic inside, because if it had continued it would have hit me. but when i went to look at it, it was gone. i saw it out of the corner of my eye and can picture it very plainly. it was an 80's "impress-the-chicks" type car with no headlights on except the orange ones that come on automatically. it also vanished into thin air.

either something really spooky is happening, or i'm a victim of bizarre optical illusions while driving. most likely the latter, because neato scary things never happen to me. also, i was pretty sick today and was probably not in the best of states.

anyway, i now hate ravioli. i had roughly two-thirds of a can of it today, and have felt extremely ill from the moment i finished the last bite.


(july 25 1999)

i'm back from my non-self-imposed hiatus. did you miss me? of course not. the longer i'm away, the less i have to say. i can't remember what happened in a week. well, i do remember that we got our pool patched up (the liner had been damaged from the huge hail we got here recently. besides ripping the liner, it scared the pants off me as well). hooray for swimming!

i really like to swim in waves. my friends were going swimming at some lake called lake 22, and i went, but when i got there i was freezing and decided not to go in. nobody else went in either. then danny suggested that we go to donkin beach, so we went. i had never been there before. it was really windy that day, and the waves were huge and nuts. it was awesome! i went in despite my coldness because of the waves. it's fun not being able to stand up sometimes! i'd never had that much sand down my bathingsuit before, but it was worth it. oh yeah, and i went to karaoke. like i always do on mondays.

and i won 50 bucks!

they draw from a certain list of songs. if someone sang that song, they win the jackpot. the jackpot was 50 bucks. if i had won the week before, i would have won 300 bucks! yeah, i should be grateful for 50 bucks, blah blah blah yackidy smackidy. i am grateful, but if i have a choice between less money and more money, i'll pick more, thank you. heh. also, when i was coming down from what was supposed to be the last song i was going to sing, a bunch of guys i'd never seen before asked me to sing losing my religion with them, so i did. hehe. turns out one of them knew my mom. weirdness. i also sang girls just wanna have fun and bohemian rhapsody with theresa, and i think we're alone now (that's the one that won me the jackpot!) and you oughta know (i feel weird for singing that. haha) by myself.

i am such a ham. speaking of which, velma calls scooby doo a ham quite a bit.

the end!

(july 18 1999)

so yesterday i went for chinese food. we got 2 egg rolls, which turned out to be totally disgusting, and almond chicken soo gai, which was okay, but not better than okay. at the end, we got free fortune cookies. my fortune said "you have an important new business". haha. it's funny, because i don't. what's funnier, though, is morgan's fortune. "your emotional nature is strong and emotional." i swear.

what, you don't believe me?! how rude. nothing is more unfun than telling the truth and not being believed.


my parents said that they were going to buy ice cream, so i went and bought hot fudge. but instead of ice cream, they bought fudgsicles, rendering my hot fudge completely useless. one day i'll get to use it!

i also bought a magazine that said that if you want to get rid of blackheads, mix 1 teaspoon each of shaving cream, salt, and baking soda. leave it on for three minutes and then rinse off. how weird is THAT?! can you imagine the lunatic that would have had to stumble onto this discovery? would they just be sitting at home, mixing random things together and spreading them on people's faces? i mean, it's not like baking soda, salt, and shaving cream are things that are likely to get mixed together by accident and just happen to land on a particularly blackhead-y area of someone's face. but hey, i'd try it. hehe.

(july 9 1999)

i'm listening to stacey q - two of hearts. you know... "two of hearts! two hearts that beat as one!" with the neato effect that makes it go "i, i-i, i-i-i need i need you" and the nutcased 80's noises. it's the greatest song ever! \m/

i hate staying in. especially on fridays. i have had no car for the past entire week. it sucks to have no friends who live by me and like me. whine whine whine hehe.

anyway, tomorrow is my brother's wedding. that's nuts! in honour of the occasion, my mom made potato salad. hehe. i hate potato salad most of the time, we have it every day. not only that, but she used coleslaw dressing. i hate coleslaw dressing. i'm not whining by saying this, i just think it's amusing that on this day of days we get to eat an even worse version of an already bad food. it's humorous! well, at least i get to dress up. i love to dress up. i don't know why.

i crave an oreo mcflurry. made with un-sour milk.

yesterday we had the craziest storm ever, complete with thunder and lightning and marble-sized hail. our flowers are dead and our front door screen is ruined. it was so loud when the hail started to hit the window. i was just on irc and it sounded like it was going to shatter at any second. i left the room immediately, and about 10 minutes later it was over and it was raining peacefully. the car was really dirty and now has little clean spots on it where the hail hit. it looks bizarre. my dog was shivering the whole time.


(july 6 1999)

my mom is in the next room snoring. don't tell her i told you. when i came out of my bedroom i thought i heard snoring, then i walked through the kitchen and saw my mom standing up bent over with her head on the stove. i thought she had fallen asleep like that! apparently she hadn't and the snoring was a figment of my imagination. but oh well.

ACK!!!! the scary ice cream truck is coming! it plays THE scariest music. but i want some. heh. now i have some. (imagine a few minutes in there.) it's bad. it tastes weird. there are lumps in it that don't feel like ice. maybe the vanilla flavoring or whatever didn't get evenly distributed. once, though, i bought soft ice cream that was very obviously made from sour milk. i'm so grossed out by white milk and sour milk it's not funny. when i think there's a possibility that sour milk has touched my tongue (like the time i bought a beatrice shake-a-shake that tasted weird, so i threw it out, but i squeezed some into the garbage can and it was lumpy... EW EW EW!!!!!!!!!), and i think about it later on, i gag like i'm going to barf. ugh ugh UGH i can't get the taste out of my mouth and i'm chewing dentyne ice. ugh! sour milk is so GROSS!! i watched that movie troll 2 where they stay in a town called Nilbog (backwards goblin) and it shows the sour milk and i almost threw up! there's all this thin, watery stuff and big white clumps! bleagh!!!


so i went to halifax to see a show in someone's basement (his name is ian) and i stayed there afterwards. it was a rockin' good time. i had the best slushy i'd ever had! it was koolaid ice blue raspberry. hehe. and the only smoothie i've ever had. it was strawberry. i got it at a restaurant that smelled really good, but i needed pizza from the sub division so i ate there and then came back for the smoothie. i ate so much haha. now i'm poor, and i have the possibility of going for wings tonight (goin' fer weengs tanoyte haha) with danny and lisa.

i have more money, but i need it for the entire rest of the month. should i eat now and starve later, or the reverse? what do i do what do i do?

they say frig in archie books when they mean fridge. seriously. the end!