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(june 30 1999)

wahoo!! i changed this page a lot. (duh.)

tomorrow there is a show with layaway plan, i shall go. it promises to be a blast and a half. heha.

i like the fact that on irc i have auto kicks on the words "mint" and "a/s/l". it is egg-cellent. i suggest everybody do the same, the reactions are hilarious.

today i got a dress to wear to my brother's wedding. it's more expensive than it used to be. boo. it was only ten bucks more, but still. nyeeeah. death to that. bah well, it's mine now. i'm so stuck for things to say that i'm writing about clothes.

i went swimming with morgan, and then we got out because we heard the ice cream truck and we walked up the road. it made me happy that i can still do that without thinking "i'm too old to do that", but it made me sad because it used to be that i'd be running up the street in our bare feet and clad in only a bathingsuit with about 5 of my noisiest friends, not caring what we look like and getting ice cream out to the middle of our cheeks. it just sucks that it will never be like that again. my friends always say "i miss doing that! it was fun!" and then never do it again. i would do it again! well, maybe not the "only in a bathingsuit" part. heh. but now everything i do is planned to the extreme, it's no longer just saying "wanna go outside?" and then leaving. i could be just as happy calling up friends and asking them to "go outside" and then winding up walking around all night. i'd rather plan things five seconds before they happen than three weeks before. it is best that way.

this is the end!

(june 25 1999)

even though it's technically june 26th, i don't work that way. a day is the same day if i haven't slept. if you don't like it, suck my toe.

today i saw flashlight, by a thread, reset, gob, and ten foot pole. i can't write about it now, i don't know why. i did get a by a thread cd and a flashlight shirt. and i went to mcdonald's and got food beforehand. yesterday i saw maestro (as in fresh wes!), i volunteered and sold merch, it was weird. i don't really feel like writing, later.

(june 18 1999)

hehe. i've updated every 8 days this month. crazy, no? yes.

i spent a lot of last week swimming at gilholmes lake, it was fun. i also went swimming in the ocean, which was freezing enough to induce pain. i'm wussy enough to take forever to get in, but once i got in, i was un-wussy enough to swim out to the buoy. (which wasn't really that far, but we can pretend. i'll point at it from the shore and tell people it's the size of an elephant and it's just really far away.) the last time i was at gilholmes it was a cold day and the lake was really warm. it was rockin'. but some bumfaces scratched "suck it" into danny's car door. it was these drunk kids we were nice enough to say hi to when we passed them on the way to the lake. i hope that one day someone's driving by them while they're hitchhiking and opens their car door and knocks them into the year 3247. :D they vandalise a car door, and then a car door vandalises them.

today was my first job interview ever in life. i was the only one interviewed who wore a skirt and looked all fancy. hehe. i hope i didn't suck a lot. i need a job and working at the fortress of louisbourg seems like a fun one, because you get to learn stuff and dress up and pretend it's long ago. :D hehe. i've never had a job, so i have the right to be temporarily optimistic and hope they're not as bad as everyone says they are. hooray!

mabel is nuts today. she's growling at everything. hehe. for example, when she's itchy and rolls around on the floor, she growls. she's not going to eat someone's hand soon, don't worry. i'd explain that mabel is my dog, but the three people who read this page already know that.

i just don't know what else to say.

(june 10 1999)

you know, every time i think of updating, i can never think of anything to write, and when i can think of things to write, i can't update because of technical difficulties. that's a bummer. anyway, here i am.

i saw the planet smashers and punchbuggy last thursday. it was mucho fun. i've liked punchbuggy since grade 9, even though i only have one of their albums, it was fun to see them. and the planet smashers got more people dancing than any band i'd ever seen! i'd never seen that many people look like they were having fun all at once before. even people who never dance at shows couldn't stand still, it was virtually impossible. i usually don't dance, but it couldn't be helped. :D anyway, they were really fun. brent tried to get punchbuggy to play goggles pizano for me, but they couldn't because one of their guitar players was new and hadn't learned that song yet. lisa was talking to him later and he told her to tell me he was sorry hehe. how nice!

last friday was my 19th birthday, morgan and i went to mcdonald's and then to brent's because he had to drop something off. i offered to wait in the car, but he said "no, i'm going to ask to use the bathroom." so i went with him. when he was knocking on the door, i saw a balloon hanging from a ceiling fan. it didn't sink in that they were having a party for me, but i thought it was really weird that there was a balloon hanging from a fan. hehe. anyway, lots of people jumped out and yelled surprise!! i peed my pants. (no! not really!) and morgan had bought me an ice cream cake. it was really nice. nobody had ever had a party for me before, not even my parents, not even myself. not even when i was 7 and everyone else got to have parties. it meant a lot to me. morgan even got me an ice cream cake. i felt appreciated. :D i squirted people with the water pistol that meggee gave me and showed them my little pikachu and raichu that morgan gave me. aww. :D

i went to a bar on monday, which is unusual for me because i don't drink, but hey, it was karaoke night! karaoke is fun. and if you sing one of the songs from the jackpot list and they draw your song number, you can win $300, and it's free to sing. yay! i see no downside! well, except for breathing difficulties as a result of excess smoke. but hey! i like to sing. anyway, i know not what else to write. aurevoirski!

(june 2 1999)

i decided to sort these notes into months, because the old notes page is just getting too long, and that bugs me. hehe. i really shouldn't care, it's not like i read my old notes anyway.

i really hate that ad for Adventure Drenchers, "water fun without the gun!" i mean, get a life. i grew up with water guns and dart guns and nerf guns and the like, and you don't see me going around killing people. they're blaming violence on water guns! how ridiculous is that? any sensible kid would be able to tell the difference between a water gun and a real gun! the difference is whether the parents are raising idiots or not. if you know that guns are dangerous and can kill people, and you also know that water pistols shoot water and can wet people, then you know they're totally different things with similar shapes, so where's the problem? i suppose they're afraid of little johnny taking daddy's gun and blowing away his friends. well, for pete's sake, lock up the gun and explain its dangers to your children, don't just hide every evidence of the existence of guns from them until the end of time! pretty soon they'll have to stop making power wheels, or else the kids will go driving them on the streets and getting into mexican standoffs with huge cars. they'll be flipping the bird at cabbies who don't use signal lights, just like mommy and daddy. so unless you've raised an idiot for a child, there's no need to go insane about a water pistol. and that's just my opinion. i have no idea how much sense this makes, because i haven't read it over. hehe. if i read it later and it's not what i meant to say, i'll fix it.

anyway, pokémon is on in 5 minutes! hooray!

okay, it's later now, it's 12:47 am so actually it's june 3rd but i'm not obsessive about those things. i just applied to become a member of the church of pikachu and i put the banner up on my links page. i adore pokémon. :D morgan went to toronto and got me a little stuffed pikachu that squeaks when i squeeze it. i call it squeakachu... when i want to. it's so cute. whenever i get enough money, there's a shirt i want that has pikachu, jigglypuff, and wigglytuff on it. it's cheap, but right now i'm broke. i shall have money on friday, for friday is my birthday! excitement ensues. but not really.

call me greedy, but i hate how whenever it's my birthday, my parents get cake they like and not cake i like. i don't really like birthday cake, i like ice cream cake. i'd prefer a homemade duncan hines cake to a real birthday cake. they're much better. however, i'd prefer ice cream cake to everything, but nobody else in my house likes it all that much. so boring, dry cake for me. bah well, i still have my lipbalm. at least it has some flavor. hehe.

i wrote way too much today, the end.