in no particular order:

(:D) super mario bros. headquarters!

(:D) The Pokémasters... lots of pokémon info and a fun message board!

(:D) another great pokémon site! another fun message board!

(:D) a pokémon site that's just getting started, i go there a lot and post on the message board... butterfree rules!

(:D) er, i don't know how to describe this... but i love it, so go!

(:D) pokey the penguin! hooray!

(:D) mp3punk.net!

(:D) cape breton's local scene in website form!

(:D) stupid.com!

(:D) my friend leanne in all her artistic glory! note: this doesn't work. the only reason i'm leaving it up is because i can't seem to find her on the internet, and if she reads this could she kindly tell me where she is?

(:D) space ghost coast to coast!

(:D) you stink!

(:D) roxy!

(:D) digital ink!

(:D) sailormoon.org!