just the facts.

my name: lynn marie rafferty
called: lynn, linny, linn, and a bunch of random nicknames that are used by only one person each
birthday: june 4, 1980 - i'm twenty-one.
pets: at my parents' house: a dear, sweet silky terrier named mabel. and in halifax, i cat-sat for a year... her name's hortense, or kitty, but i call her ryo-ohki. :D she's still in halifax but i'm not, and i miss her, and i might not see her again before she is given back. ;_;
siblings: one older brother - he's 27 and named mark. his wife's name is jen. they have a cat, brisban, she's my cat-in-law. hee.
irc nicks: rinni, rinny-roo, Tad_Ghostal, linnocent, linnster, linny, Kamichatte, silencieuse, butterfree-
irc channels: dalnet #punk and #cblocals. i used to go to #teenpoolparty, but it sucks now. on webchat, i go to #pokemasters.

ga-hyuk, i drawered these! sasami and ryo-ohki, ryoko, and (hehe, this one's just a little sketch but it's still cute) dratini.

now, to go beyond concrete facts:

things i think are fun:
-archie comics
-pokey the penguin
-walking with someone i can talk to
-driving around (alone or not)
-watching cheesy 80's movies/tv shows
-falling asleep on couches
-playing my bass
-singing (with a band, at karaoke, or in my car)
-playing guitar (usually only if no one can hear me)
-being with a group of people i like (this does not happen often, there are always others - strangers or people who make me feel less than friendly for whatever reason)
-space ghost: coast to coast (my favourite show)
-sailor moon
-80's music
-shows when i'm in the mood for a show
-irc (yes! i actually think it's fun!)
-walking in warm rain
-real conversations (i.e. not hi! how are you? good. oh that's good.)
-crazy pens (like metallic ones or milky writers) and black paper

things i think are not fun:
-trying to sleep when i have something on my mind
-not being able to sleep when i have to get up early the next day
-shows when i am not in the mood for a show
-parties with lots of people i don't know who sit there and take up space i should be taking up (yeah, i'm mean)
-talking to people i don't know (i'm not good at it)
-getting disconnected from irc at bad times
-exams (but really, who LIKES those?)
-being told things i'd rather not know (ignorance really is bliss sometimes)

my idea of a perfect day: i'd not live at home. i'd get up and make bacon and eggs and toast, and i'd do a good job of it. i'd go outside with whoever else wanted to come with me in the warm rain, getting soaked and splashing each other. we'd go back to my house and change into dry clothes, i'd make hot chocolate. we'd drink it under blankets while playing nintendo and watching cheesy 80's movies, and then fall asleep on the couch somewhere around 5 am the next day.

these are pictures.