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(march 8 2000)

i never write anymore, did anyone notice?

yesterday i went to apply for a job. i didn't get an interview. big surprise there. i used the PHONE for them damnit. they don't even know how much i hate that. if they only knew they would say "wow, she really wanted a job!" heh.

it's really pretty out today. i haven't actually been out, however. i doubt i will be going out. i'm sick. it doesn't feel like my eyes are open all the way, but they are, and my stomach is burning. today is going to be ever so fun.

i have glasses now hehe. my mom decided it was time for me to get glasses when we went to the mall and she said "look at the dress with the stars!" and i said "there are stars?"

last week was fun. hush was here. we watched all three back to the futures. i played nintendo, he was going to tell me what to do, but i forgot to not suck, and i died 92 times. then he said "i feel like watching full house" just as full house was coming on channel 44 and he didn't even know. so we watched it. he has psychic powers!!! oooooh!!

he said something funny. :D we watched back to the future and everyone introduces themselves as "mcfly, marty mcfly", "eastwood, clint eastwood", "clayton, clara clayton" etc. i said that apparently that was the thing to do back then, and he said "it would be funny to be the first person not to do it. 'who are you?' 'frank jones.' 'whaaat!'" heheh, i laughed forever. :D it was the best week ever, i was never alone. not to sound pathetic or anything, of course, it was also fun and not just because i wasn't stuck in my house constantly. sigh. there really was no better time for my school to be on strike.

on irc:
[psycho-skater] what was the name of the japany that invent the orange drink ???????? kin leee hahahahahahahahahahahah fuckin funny huh
if anyone gets this, could they please explain it to me?
maybe i'm stunned and i will smack myself and go "ooooooh... ooookay!!", but still, from this angle it just looks dumb.

this is the end, isn't it always?