(may 30 1999)

every time i tried to write on here this week, it would not work. that is undesirable. well, undesirable to me, anyway.

it has just been brought to my attention that i am a skanky bitch.
[SuGaR`BaBy] i hate linnocent she is a skanky bitch
all i can say is: ouch. :D oh yeah, and death.

death is my word. i say it on all occasions. drop a freezie on the floor? death! stub my toe? death! commercial in suspenseful part of tv show i am watching? death! it's my thing that i say.

we have neato crazy coffee with caramel flavor in it. instant coffee. it makes foam on top too. it's sweet and hot and good. sweet hot drink. for some reason, i like to think people care what's in my cupboard. in case anyone surprise visits me, they know what they're going to be fed and what they're not going to be fed. expired kraft dinner, we have. i don't eat it very often, but my mom still stocks up like crazy whenever it goes on sale. romanoff, which never gets a chance to go stale because i eat it. crazy coffee and yucky microwave popcorn. hooray!

this doesn't make any sense. i've taken to staying up way too late and sleeping way longer than i need to because the TV is good late at night and there is nothing to do during the day. i've also taken to watching the shopping channel when they sell makeup. i laugh when the people look better in the "before" shot. :D

and now, i'm finished.

(may 21 1999)

yesterday was theresa's birthday! she's far away.

i couldn't use the computer all week, but i'm back, baby. hehe. i decided that i'm majoring in psychology. and we have way too many boxes of nutrigrain bars. hehe. when things go on sale, we stock up.

i have nothing to do. every time i say something on irc that i want a response to, i get disconnected right after i say it and i don't know if the people answered or not, or if they even saw what i said. i hate that. i don't want to say things twice.

thursday, there was an outdoor show. a band called impasse played, they were excellent. i was most impressed. :D anyway, there were junebugs galore. i dislike junebugs as much as the next person, but i was very amused by the antics of the people who hid inside their sweaters and hopped around flapping their arms and screaming. normally i would have been doing the same, but it was too funny. junebugs, although large, noisy and crunchy (i know you've stepped on one), provide hours of entertainment. don't get me wrong, i still hate junebugs, but they provoke funny reactions in otherwise sane people. i'd still rather watch a band than watch someone shriek and run, though, but i was reviewing the less talked-about aspect of the show.

i go now!

(may 14 1999)

holy guacamole. hehe. it's been a while. my computer was in the shop and emerged.. um, well it didn't ever emerge, because we just got a new one. it's faster. i didn't realise that the other one was slow until i used this one. it's nutcased.

did you ever have a numb eyeball? today i went to the doctor and there is something in my eye which he tried to remove. first he froze my eye with crazy drops. it's a strange feeling. it's kind of like it feels open when it's really closed or vice versa. maybe. anyway, it sure was weird. he dyed my eye orange to try and find whatever is in there, and then i went to the grocery store with one orange-tinted eye and the surrounding skin was glowing with bright orange dye. it looked like bizarre eyeshadow that would be made by some weird company (named something like, perhaps, "Eyeshadow Tyme") that you'd find in a 50 cent bin at bargain! bargain! bargain! bargain! the bargain! shop. (that's what it says on the sign.)

going to a show with an eyepatch on is akin to wearing a sign that says "everybody ask me what happened to my eye even though it's too loud for you to hear my answer so you can just smile and nod!"... gee, i was hoping to make that one wittier, but it didn't happen. oh well. maybe next time, wha?

we have passion flakies. hallelujah! i go now to eat one.

(may 1 1999)

we (the ex-faceless victim) got a new drummer!!! hopefully we'll play now. hopefully we won't suck a lot. yay!

i think that's all i had to say right now, later maybe more.

(april 30 1999)

today i had lots of pizza. it was a buffet. i got a large 7up which was just carbonated water and not pop at all. :\ then they gave me a bottle of 7up which was wussily small. (wussily. i invented that.) anyway i ran out of pop before i was totally stuffed and couldn't eat anymore and as a result i'm hungry now. i must admit, it probably wouldn't have taken much more to stuff me.

i didn't get to tape space ghost coast to coast today! it's possibly my favorite show ever, but i wasn't home in time, and plus my dad is hockey-addicted and won't be away from the tv long enough for me to tape sgc2c until stanley cup playoffs are over. booo.

pop rocks are great. i didn't have any today, but i craved them.

[Lo-Rez] linny rawks my world

he only said that because i changed my nick on irc to alexei_sayle so that i could type this without my script telling everyone who says "chat" that i'm away. if anyone says 4 letters from my nick in a row, it tells them i'm away. it's a very strange feature. i had to write this because i love when people care who alexei sayle is.

i don't really know what else to say. i had dinner with houlio estevez, i had houlio for my dinner, we had steak. (i do actually know how to spell julio, but the space fat guys, in their song romantic dinner with houlio estevez, say houlio, so who am i to argue?) this update has been infinitely stupid. how sad.

(april 26 1999)

i keep listening to "heaven" by warrant, and "18 and life" and "i remember you" by skid row. if a song could make me happy, these are the songs that could do it.

today i discovered that french vanilla cappuccino is way better than english toffee cappuccino. i had english toffee for the first time today. it was not so great. at least i now know that i was making a good decision all along.

i had pop rocks, and pop rocks gum. lisa and angela and i sat on angela's couch with our mouths gaping open listening to the crackling and watching angela's cat making faces, wondering where the sound was coming from. we meowed at the cat, she looked at us strangely and came closer. angela's dog whimpered and fought with the cat. they ran around and did stuff. we sat down and watched them do stuff and we said stuff. some stuff happened, other stuff didn't happen. it was a happening kind of day. happen, stuff, blargh i just used those words a lot. it matters not! i shall stuff the happenings away into a box where they will be found and relived in the future.

i ate too many whopper easter eggs, they were cheap. ugh. i go now, goodbye!

(april 23 1999)

boy, did i get up early for no reason! i was supposed to go look for a job, but when i got up at 9:30 my dad was gone with the car. i'm on summer vacation! i shouldn't be getting up at 9:30 for anything, but here i am, it's 10:49 am now, and i'm hungry and there's nothing to do.

i just revealed way too much about myself on irc. now they think i'm strange. all i said was "did you ever scratch your armpit and then accidentally taste your deodorant?" then i told them that mine tastes like nerds candy. they're all telling each other i'm weird now. i should say, "everybody type /clear!" but i won't. that would only draw more attention to it.

i don't want to look for a job. it's not that i'm too lazy to work, i just really hate talking to people. i'll feel really awkward asking for the manager or whatever the heck i'm supposed to do to hand in a resume.

my lips are chapped. just so you know.

tonight i might get to play mario party again, if all goes well. my fingers are crossed. not now, though. i'm typing.

[RoRy] where did linn go?
[Kamichatte] guam

i like the word guam.

(april 19 1999)

holy guacamole.

i had no idea it had been this long. but then again i was busy with smelly exams and smelly papers and whatnot, and now i'm finished school until september! yay! but now i have to get a smelly job and do a smelly resume. but at least if i get one of those i get paid. too many sentences beginning with "but".

there was an overnight party at the youth center, and i won a lip synch contest (i lipsynched skid row's 18 and life), so i get free admission to a show, and i won 3rd prize in zip zap zop, unfortunately the prize was a filet-o-fish haha so i gave it away.

my lips are overly chapped. blargle

i'm too hungry to write more right now, must have food arrrrgh bye!

(april 3 1999)

god, i love super mario kart. i am so much better at it than i am at mario kart 64. :D

i've had the flu for the past few days. it was not very fun. luckily, i didn't barf, i never barf. i shouldn't say that, or else i'll barf all night. pretend i never said that. anyway, i've blown my nose way too much and now it's red and irritated, and also i made my ear pop and it takes a few minutes for it to go back to normal. i crave for the ear to return to its normal, un-painful way of life. and for this headache to stop.

my band is supposed to play tomorrow. we shall see. i bet we shall see nothing at all. i hope i will be able to come here tomorrow and say that i was totally wrong.

today was brent's birthday. morgan and i bought him dinkies and a card that says "i'm 4", even though he's 20. morgan gave me many chocolate bunnies because my parents don't give me anything for easter, and he finds this strange. one of the things he gave me is a brown stuffed bunny which smells like chocolate. it's so dreamy. if i didn't have a stuffed-up nose, i'd be smelling it right now. he also rubbed my back yesterday because it was sore. he's good to me even when i'm poor and can't afford to buy him anything in return, which is always. hooray!

i always assume that when i didn't write anything for a while, i'll have exciting news. this never happens. danny saw me drinking lemonade today and thought it was alcoholic, and he asked me what it was, so i told him it was lemonade, and he said "ohhh, i thought you were being bad!" i found that rather amusing.

well, i'm out of words.

(march 28 1999)

mario party is an excellent game! i played it myself for the first time last night. i lost big. very big. i hope to play it again many times. many, many times. i am so bad at working nintendo 64 controllers because of the crazy stick, i hop around more than michael jackson. :D also, mario kart 64 is fun but it bugs me because of the controllers, and i always wind up stuck to the wall and not able to leave. instead, i wind up going the wrong way and being unable to turn around. this makes the game most unsatisfying as others have finished and i'm still on my first lap heh. crazy, man!

it's very, very warm out today. it makes me want to run through daisies in sandals. but not really, as there are no daisies yet, and it's damn near impossible to run in most kinds of sandals.

on friday i was on television and i sucked because everything i said was dumb. although, that's not all my fault because everything they asked me was dumb. hehhe. the story was about scholarships, and they asked "it started out with four scholarships a year. how many is it now? eight?" then shoved the mic in my face. what was i supposed to say? do they really think that i have nothing better to do than count the people who received the vince ryan memorial scholarship last year? besides, i'm terrible with numbers and i probably would have miscounted anyway and said 3,852 and then someone would have shot me and they would drag me out onto the ice (it was in a rink) and say haha, she's bleeding on the ice.

look ma, no sense!

(march 25 1999)


someone in my house just cut onions, and i can taste them. i hate that. i can taste when someone cuts onions even if i'm in the shower. EEEW.

oh yeah, also, zip zap zop.

(march 20 1999)

i haven't updated in a long time. i had a lot of crap to do always this week. i forget whether anything interesting happened or not except i went bowling. i always get the wrong size shoes and have to go back up and get more, but this time i didn't have to go back up and ask myself since someone else offered. hooray! i do hate talking to people.

my brother ate the nutri-grain bars that have been sitting in the drawer in the kitchen for a year. gross! hehe. they're not even good when they're new!

i love how we stock up on good cola when it's on sale, and my friends come over and marvel at the cupboard full of it and then they see the supply under the desk in the computer room. one week we bought 74 2-liter bottles of coca cola classic because they were extremely cheap. they were in every closet.

i added pictures. you can see them here or through the section about me. heha. yay!

i go now, maybe i shall return later.

(march 13 1999)

saturday the thirteenth! scary.

hooray for balloons. i could play with a balloon for hours and not get bored. uhm. yes.

i hate having a 500 to 750 word paper due on a monday and then having a chemistry lab due tuesday and then a chemistry midterm on wednesday. it really sucks when that happens.

brent wadden wanted me to say on here that he is the very person who received my gross tim horton's cookie. so, brent, there you go. you're famous! you're mentioned on a page that about 6 people have seen! hehe. yay!

i like when people on hockey teams have those jackets that say AAA on the back. it makes me think of someone yelling. AAAAAA!! and how people from holy angels high have those jackets with HAH on the back. it reminds me of a snotty laugh. :D

argh, the end.

(march 9 1999)

subs are good with extra lettuce, mayonnaise and mushrooms, but too many green peppers make them taste weird and too much turkey reminds me of sour milk. i got a sub at school before the crowd arrived today, and they put twice as much turkey and peppers and the regular amount of lettuce. i suppose it was better than not eating. or eating, say, kraft spaghetti dinner. that ad grosses me out so much that i wouldn't even eat it.

my favorite ad now is the 10-10-345 ad where the guy says "to help you remember 10-10-345, we're showing you the third, fourth, and fifth planets!" and it's earth, mars and saturn.. and then he goes on saying crap about 10-10-345 and then he says "i've just been informed that jupiter, not saturn, is the fifth planet." and he rips saturn's rings off. :D

someone on irc right now keeps laughing with "heh heh". it must be stopped. and i don't like how pepsi clashes with food i eat. dash it all.

elton john. (random name) that is all. oh yeah, i dislike calculus.

(march 7 1999)

i had a lot of free food yesterday. the free tim horton's cookie (well actually i gave it away), two free slices of pizza and free cake and free pop. yay! food tastes better when it's free, except for tim horton's cookies. then they just taste like uhm socks.

KOKOMO WAS JUST ON!!!! YAY!! and the banana i'm eating right now is gross.

that's all the excitement for now

..okay it's later, i'm a wuss because i'm afraid to tell people about this page. bah! people scare me.

oh yes, my second time ever rolling up the rim to win, i won again, this time it is a cappuccino. hooray! many people can't spell fettuccine. they must be stopped.

bill and ted's bogus journey was on today. i had a reason to live. :D the end

(march 5 1999)

know what's funny? when you know you can't do something well and you still do it in front of a katrillion people but you don't care.

it is also a funny thing to get very angry when anyone sits near your food. if anyone does this to you, promptly eat their head. i guarantee you will enjoy it.

i rolled up the rim to win tonight at tim horton's for the first time ever in my life and i won. it was a cookie, and i don't really like the cookies there because they're dry as a sock, but at least it didn't say "your fingers smell like turds and you brush your teeth with a lobster". hooray!

(march 4 1999)


(march 3 1999)

boy, am i stuck for things to write here. this page is basically just uh well something for me to do. i haven't yet an idea of what i'm putting on it. when one does not know what to put on one's page, it adds an air of mystery to the whole thing. or at least it should.

i've been wanting a band for a long time and i finally have one. we shall play often, unlike my past bands, where being able to play was like pulling teeth from the mouth of a fully conscious lion. this should prove to be interesting. we haven't yet a name, but soon we shall. hopefully. yay!

i have calculus class at 8:30 am tomorrow. chances are that it will induce deep, peaceful slumber as usual. bah to that, i do not like being seen while asleep.

if my grandmother hadn't died on december 25, 1992, today would have been her 90th birthday. happy birthday nanny. :)

i'm stopping this right here! goodbye.

p.s. there's nothing down here.