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(october 21 1999)

i am a wussface about updating when i've nothing to say. i still don't really, i suppose this will be an exercise in randomness because i feel like typing. hehe. so the other day i'm in my room peacefully watching tv, and i hear a noise. it sounded like my mom slid something under my door, but i didn't look because i was lazy. later on i saw a sample of pantene there and realised that the under-door sliding of the pantene was the noise that i had jumped at earlier! so today i used it. hehe. my hair was impossible to comb. it took me ages to detangle, and then it just tangled right back up again. however, it's really soft to the touch and smells nice. but back on the bad side, it looks all ratty because it didn't rinse out of the ends well. my conclusion? pantene is kind of ehh. herbal essences 4 life! it was a reaffirming shampoo day, i tell you. okay, i can't believe i wrote all that about shampoo.

when i get cold, the first places to be cold to the touch are the usual ones (hands, feet and ears, i suppose) but also my nose, and the inside of my mouth (the roof). is this supposed to happen? another thing: i fall asleep when it's cold. french class is always freezing, and it flicks my power switch to the off position or something because i always go out like a light in that class. others say they get sleepy when warmed. i used to in grade 7 when i had the hot classroom and the teacher who spoke in quiet monotone always. she put me to sleep. also, she had no eyebrows, and she had blonde hair and she drew her eyebrows in an expression of permanent surprise. one never matched the other and they were always dark brown. oh and she wore fuchsia lipstick always! this has nothing to do with anything i suppose hehe.

everyone was sitting around an old (and awesome) ms. pac-man machine at the youth center, and i had no chair, then i looked around and saw one and said "a chair!!!" and lisa said i get happy about small things. hehe. she said that when my parents feed me, i say "food!!!!!" in reality, i say "ugh!!!! potatoes. AGAIN?!" because that's all we ever have, and they make me ill.

so last week i was in chemistry lab doing a distillation which involves hooking a tube up to a condenser and turning water on so water goes through the condenser and goes out another tube which leads to the sink. apparently we didn't put the tube on all the way, because when the water turned on, it detached from the condenser and did the cartoon fire-hose thing and sprayed all over the place while we shrieked. it was funny. and today there were three faucets and three taps (one was hidden. for real. not joking) and we turned the wrong one. this faucet had a tube attached as well, and it also went nuts and sprayed everywhere. bad luck with rubber tubing is our fate! :D

one of the chemicals we used today smelled like blue freezies, and the end product smelled like those cherry air fresheners that are in public bathrooms which are really strong. it was strange because things usually smell of alcohol or vinegar or gas. i suppose it was a welcome change.

i have calmed my desire for typing, so i go now!

(october 7 1999)

i have not written in a while. i guess i had nothing to say. hehe. nutcased things have not been happening. i just drive around aimlessly or go to the beach and look at the water/stars/moon/rain and listen to 80's music or other things. no one does anything rockingly fun, i stay in always. it grows cold outside and my jackets are all weak, the price of gas has almost doubled so i can't afford to go anywhere, and in any case i would have nowhere to go. i haven't even eaten at mcdonald's recently, i used to three times a week or so, but i haven't even tasted mcdonald's in almost a month. everything i do of late is tinged with a wish for something i had before to come back, and other people feel the same, but no one knows what it is.

on sunday i had chinese food for the first time in forever. i had rice, sweet and sour chicken balls, egg foo yung, wonton soup, an egg roll, lobster chow mein, almond chicken soo gai, a fortune cookie and a whole pot of chinese tea. my fortune was "keep your plans secret for now". hehe. ooooh scary! at least i can eat again. it still makes me nauseous, but that's okay. it doesn't hurt anymore. :D

someone on irc uses one of my nicks as their alternate nick. aaaaarrrrgh.

well, tonight there's a show and a band has asked me to sing a song with them. all i need now is money!!! i don't have enough money to go unless someone helps me with gas or drives me there. gas is way, way too expensive now. $10 of gas doesn't even take me up as high as $5 used to. that's just ridiculous!! i used to be able to afford some food at least!! rararaarra!!

yesterday i was eating chili and my nose started to run, so i sniffed, and it created a vacuum or infinite pressure in my head! i was in instant pain, it still hurts now. every so often i feel a little of the pressure going away, but not enough! that's a funny way to hurt yourself hehe. as well, today in psych was almost embarrassing because i was scratching the side of my nose, and a flake of dead skin came off and was stuck under my nail so i got it out and it flew a bit. if anyone had been looking, they definitely would have thought i was a pickerflicker because they would have had no way to know it wasn't a booger! i hope no one saw hehe.

heh well i'm cold. goodbye!