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(september 23 1999)

today in chemistry we dissolved things and recrystallised them, and then we melted them to determine what they were. ours was O-acetylsalicylic acid, and when it recrystallized and dried it looked all fluffy, like fake snow. i wanted to throw it around and watch it fall, but i held myself back hehe. and my chemistry lab teacher appears to think i am the stupidest person alive - either that or she just really hates me. i mean, someone else dropped an erlenmeyer flask and it broke, and she still didn't speak to her in the voice she used on me. never mind that everyone else was asking me for answers and the fact that we were not the last group to leave because we knew what we were doing. heh. she asked me my name. she didn't ask anyone else's names. she used my name to pick on me for the rest of the class. oh, i can tell this is going to be a fun, fun year.

i talked to a friend i had not talked to in years today. it was neat. at one point in time, we were pretty much best friends, and even though we didn't talk about our lives or anything, at least we talked.

right now i'm rotting on irc, contemplating applying moisturizer to my peeling hands. my mom's vcr is screaming because it's broken. actually, it works, but whenever it's playing or recording it goes EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!! really high-pitched and loud. hehe, my vcr has also contracted a disease. while i am watching videos, they eject at random! i was watching a video and it popped out. it was fine, so i put it back in and pressed play, and it worked. so i went back across the room and got comfortable under my blankets, and lo and behold, out comes the tape again. this happened three times in a row before i realised it really didn't want me watching anything, so i left. haha. every vcr in my house has a bizarre little problem.

lately everything i eat makes me sick. it's a sad thing that i can't eat anymore. i love to eat, i really do. and it's a sad thing when i feel hunger pangs and know that if i try to satisfy them i'll just wind up feeling worse. and every muscle in my body has recently started to have spasms! i can look down and see them move on their own! it doesn't hurt but it feels very strange. right now my right arm is doing it! i have been the biggest whiner of late, i must be stopped before it becomes overly habitual. feh.

(september 18 1999)

ahh, another saturday night of nothing. feh. i feel like poo, but since that's something that really can't be helped, i'll stop whining about it now.

i now officially have a new favorite song. it's just like heaven, by the cure. there's nothing bad about it at all. it makes me warm, and i have to remove my ever-present sweater (i'm usually freezing).

i realised later on that it's my social psych professor and not my learning professor (as i said last time) who looks like al borland. not that it really matters, but now the information that no one cared about is accurate. :D

last night i rented the wizard and watched it with natasha and lisa and dannie, and davinski stared at me and ate my purse strap (davinski is a cat, although a human who stares at me and eats my purse strap is one i'd surely be impressed by), and my eyes got watery when they showed super mario bros. 3. i remember the first time i saw that movie, it was before we had super mario 3 where i lived (although the video store had an illegal japanese copy available for rental - it was a cartridge with an adapter and i had played it), it was my very first time seeing smb3 in english and i was in awe! i remember saying OH MY GOD I PLAYED THAT and my friends didn't believe me except for the one who had played it with me. we were saying YES AND THE 3 HAS A RACCOON TAIL! but all of our other friends were saying, "yeah, sure". hehe. anyway, that movie amazes me always. Lucas Barton is the greatest name! i enjoy when he takes out the power glove and puts it on and closes and opens his hand slowly. I AM LUCAS OF THE POWER GLOVE! FEAR ME! FEAR ME!

it would be fun to run away, but i would never survive.

(september 11 1999)

i have been absent for eons. i suppose the world stopped because of it. but not really.

nothing cool or neato or grand happened. i started my second year of university on tuesday, and i continue to fall asleep in all my classes. my chemistry teacher has a scottish accent, and my psychology - learning teacher (actually, i'm supposed to call them "professors", but it's hard to break a 13-year habit, so teachers they shall remain!) looks EXACTLY like al borland from home improvement! the only differences are that he wears glasses and has longer hair. i think that my teachers notice me nodding off and say nothing, because they all always look like they're watching me. haha. oh well, they're going to have to live with it - at least until i get a better sleep schedule. (which i don't see happening any time soon.)

our band has a name now! i was in a car with lisa and danny on the way home from burger king. danny put on black sabbath, and jokingly i said "we should call our band sack blabbath, but spell it differently like sack blabith!" now, i was kidding, but they were like HAHAHA!!!!! THAT'S FUNNY! at first i didn't really want to call our band sack blabith because people would expect us to sound like black sabbath and then be disappointed when we don't (or not watch us at all if they don't like black sabbath), but the vast majority of people i tell about my band say, "sack blabith? what's THAT mean?" heh. so i don't think we'll be having any problems with that.

tonight i went to the youth center for a while, but i felt uncomfortable and then went home and slept. when i woke up, i went to abc takeout by myself, took it to beacon street dam and ate it by myself while watching the pretty fountain (it sprays three towers of water which are lit up - it looks like fire and sparks :D) and then drove around by myself for an hour. my life is so fulfilling haw. guffaw. snicker. it's good to be alone sometimes, but not on saturday night. feh.

it's fun to drive around streets i don't know and pretend i'm going somewhere i want to be.